Creating a Positive Change in the Community


Our nonprofit organization in Georgia helps support communities in need in Toase. We aim to bring them various development projects that promote health, education, and safety for people. Our initiatives also help people become more socially aware and educated about their rights.

We aim to become an established charity organization in Toase and surrounding communities. Community development projects you could expect from us include:

  • Scholarship Programs

    High-quality and proper education can help uplift families and communities. Through instruction, individuals can develop the necessary skills to contribute to their community, stimulate their economy, and improve their financial situations. We help families attain a good education through scholarships.

  • Improving Sanitation in Communities

    Disease and illness can be a tremendous financial strain for many families. Luckily, proper sanitation and disease prevention practices can prevent many infections and diseases. We organize programs to help improve health and social development in communities. Our agenda will educate families on proper disease prevention and help improve sanitation in their communities.

  • Helping Build Community Centers

    Community centers serve as gathering and activity centers for families in a community. They use the population as a focal point for social development, community services, public information, group activities, and many more.

Learn more about our charity organization in Tucker, Georgia, and our advocacies by calling Toase Development Association at 678-651-0322. We also welcome donations and volunteers to help us organize and arrange our programs. 

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